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Welcome to Thailand


Welcome to Thailand

Many tourists during their brief stay "fall in love with the country" and are determined to make the move to Thailand more permanent. They choose to invest in either a business, a condominium or purchase land and house. But, in purchasing a dream home or starting up a business, they find themselves in need of a number of "good" advices.

This website has been created by benevolents who have a good experience of the international and Thailand, in contact with reliable sources of professionals, to advise people who want to live in Thailand. We try to be precise, serious and with a little sense of humour but always in the perspective to look the reality, even if it displeases to some dreamers. You will find here some advices to travel or information on the country. If you note some mistakes or omissions, please let us know.

Many "good" reasons to expatriate ?

1. Individuals : You want to live, to invest, or retire to Thailand:

First, you have to know that for most countries (check this out with your local tax office) you only have to spend over 6 months a year abroad (consecutive or not, holidays or not) to benefit from the advantage of expatriate status. You can reside in Thailand and at the same time run a business in your original country.

You wish to buy a house or an apartment and to live here or create a company that can expand in Thailand, Asia or worldwide, then this is the place where it can be done quickly, cheaply and without complicated formalities.

You wish for a quiet everyday life, for your retirement, or perhaps to have time to manage your own business without too much administrative problems, all this without losing any investment through taxes....

Thai children

2. Enterprises : Thailand, Business Gate to Asia:

Thailand offers very interesting perspectives for the future. The Asian crisis in 1998, that made the economy and financial markets to fall, permitted exchanges to be stabilized in the quality of manufactured products. At this time, the government invested billions baht (with the help of the IMF) to support banks, so that Thai industries could be in line with their competitors.

Thailand is the only country in South-East Asia that has a stable government concerning business and we saw it quickly react to support the economy... incomparable for example with Vietnam or Cambodia.

Today, an ever enlarging number of enterprises are qualifying to the ISO international standards. 
If yesterday products was manufactured in poor quality, today, with the technologies that the West (and Japan) introduced in these emergent countries, the Asian industries manufacture high quality products that would make many western industries green with envy.

Privileged place in the South-East Asia, Thailand is very close to China and Singapore, Vietnam or Philippines and has borders with Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
You want to manufacture in Asia, then you can quickly come here to set up and control everything. 
In clear, this means that you can, either as an individual or in association, set yourself up in business and be far away from financial market fluctuations, high production costs or administrative financial pressures.


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